PineApple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon
PineApple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon 

 How to apply?

After sightseeing KYOTO, Try Special Experience in KYOTO.

Learn to Make Your Own Sushi Rolls

at PPP KYOTO Workshop Salon.

Every Monday and Friday  90 Minutes Class.

10:30 AM  2:00 PM and 5:30 PM



Let Yoko show You the Secret to making Delicious Sushi Rolls, Just like you get in a Restaurant, easily and quickly in the comfort of your own home, using the EASY Sushi Molder and bamboo matt!

6000 Yen per Persom (includes Tax)

At least 16 years old age to attend.

Price includes a Text book, Bamboo Sushi Roll Mat,
and Sushi Molder, that you will use in the class,
and keep to use at home!  ***Credit Card PayPal payment ONLY***     

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Please Reserve Your Seat !
(Last reserve time: the day before your workshop day 5 PM )
 Contact - Yoko Komori Olson
Phone: 075-223-0050
    Cell: 090-9867-0050

When you make reservation by phone,

we will ask your credit card numbers for reservation.

Please make sure your date an d time, if you cancelled the day before your workshop date, No Re-fund.

Pineapple Pom Pom KYOTO Workshop Salon

Let’s Make Your Own Sushi Rolls Class Reservation Procedures


  •  : 

Every Monday & Friday


10:30 AM ,2:00 PMand 5:30 PM

90 minutes course

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for check- in.


Reservation Time

Last call: Your reservation will be closed at 5 pm the day before your workshop day.

Reservation Method

 Online PayPal

 By Phone: We will ask your credit card for reservation.

(Work) 075-223-0050  (Cell) 090-9867-0050

Payment Method

Credit Card Payment (VISA, Master)


Requirement of Applicant: 

At least 16 years old of age to attend. This workshop requires use of knife, please understand and agree that you must carefully use knife. Pineapple Pom Pom will not have any responsibility of your injury caused by knife.

Cancellation Policy

You cannot cancel, the day before your workshop dates. If you cancel, No Refund. Please read reservation procedures to confirm your reservation before you call us. Exemption: Under special circumstance, you could change date or time (once) without any extra charge.

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Tel : 075-223-0050  Cell : 090-9867-0050

  • 289 Aneyakoji Fuyacho Nishi Iru Nakagyo-Ku

Kyoto City Zip Code 604-8094

Pineapple Pom Pom KYOTO Workshop Salon (Search location by Google Maps)




Pineapple Pom Pom Kyoto Workshop Salon ( Google Maps)
289 Aneyakoji Fuya-Cho Nishi Iru Nakagyo-ku
 Kyoto City  Zip 604-8094 (Near Kyoto City Hall & Hiiragiya Ryokan)






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289-1 Aneyakoji Fuyacho Nishi iru Nakagyo-Ku Kyoto, JAPAN 604-8094



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