PineApple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon
PineApple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon 

Sake Tasting and Chat

For Beginners


Try to new flavor of different SAKE and have a wonderful February 17th (Sat.)

Starts from 7pm ~ 9 pm

Place: Nakagyoku Anekoji Fuyacho Nishiiru   Zip 604-8094                                               Admission: 1500 Yen 12 Limited seats

 Pot Luck party Style, please bring one dish of appetizer for Sake tasting. Sake lecturer is Mr. Hiroki Ichico, who is the owner of IZUMIYA ICHIO Liqueur Wine Store. Learn how to enjoy Sake with your wine glass.  Let’s find out your favorite wine!

Please reserve your spot.                    075-223-0050  Email  contact: YOKO KOMORI OLSON


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Class         Eye opening miracle class                                           days:  Tuesday   Morning Class   10:30 Am  ~ 12 Noon                   

     Evening Class 6:00Pm ~ 7:30 Pm

Admission: 2778 Yen  (3000 Yen with Tax)

Location: Anekoji Fuyacho Nishi iru 

Nakahakusan-cho 289



Registration Call: 075-223-0050  

While you are drawing, something miracle happens! Start to Love  Drawing! QUESTION                                                                             Please Ask instructor YOKO KOMORI OLSON   From Now on,  Enjoy your life with Art.

 Contact Us : Resevation Sushi Rolls Class & Fun Events in Kyoto, JAPAN

289 Aneyakoji Fuyacho Nishi iru Nakagyo-Ku Kyoto, JAPAN 604-8094



New York Studio , USA


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