Pineapple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon
Pineapple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon 

YOKO KOMORI OLSON コモリオールソン・ヨーコ

is the Expert to teach Drawing with the Right Side of The Brain in US and Japan. Starts from Brginner's class (6 sessions). During these 6 lessond, "Miracle Happen to your Life". たった6回のレッスンで奇跡が起こります。上下逆さまから描くのです。それは、自分は絵が下手だと思っている先入観を取る為にするのです。

After you learned How to Draw on The Right Side of the Brain, you never see objects the same way again. Your eyes will see all New perspective. You start to love to draw everything around you. Please take a look my students work.

Author:Betty Edwards

Take a look at our image gallery to learn more about Drawing class with Yoko. Ask what we offer you.

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