Pineapple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon
Pineapple Pom.Pom KYOTO (PPPKYOTO) Workshop Salon 

Right side of the Brain Drawing at   New York Open Center 2018

The greatest memory of First day of Einstein and the last class of Einstein Drawing.

Yoko Komori Olson:

YKOStudio Youtube channel."YOKO's Art Class" Tutorial videos.

Yoko's Art Class video is easy to understand step by step instruction.

Contact us for workshop inquiry at your states and your Country. Yoko is teaching Right side of the Brain Drawing Workshop in US and Japan.

YKO Studio Japan Branch "Pineapple Pom Pom Kyoto Workshop Salon"


Online YouTube tutorial

the most popular Video is "Recycled Book Angels"

Here are some photos from New York Open Center Class 2018

Yoko's Art Class Videos: You can Click to watch  Now.

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